Essay Writing Performance of Grade 10 Students: Basis in Developing an Essay Writing Module

  • Maribel Naungayan Galuardo Santa Maria National High School, Department of Education, Philippines
Keywords: Essay, Argumentative, Persuasive, Module


The study determined the writing performance of the Grade 10 learners along argumentative and persuasive essays which led to the development of an Essay Writing Module. It made use of descriptive, correlational, and developmental research designs. The researcher used a questionnaire and essay outputs as the data-gathering tools. The 195 student-respondents were chosen using the random sampling technique. Frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and t-test were utilized to analyze the data. Overall, the writing performance of the learners along with argumentative and persuasive essays reflected convincing results. Furthermore, respondents seem to display better performance in a persuasive essay. With these significant findings, the essay writing module was developed, which was found very valid. Based on the conclusions, the following recommendations were drawn: exposure of learners to various social media platforms may be regulated; provision of engaging writing activities is encouraged to all learners; enrichment of teaching pedagogies in writing is needed; creation of communication plan by administrators is recommended to address the problem areas; the Essay Writing Module may be used as instructional material and that further studies can be conducted to continuously explore possible pedagogical interventions.

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