Challenges and Coping Strategies of Post-Stroke Patients

  • Gerly Perez Patawaran Institute of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Urdaneta City University, Philippines
Keywords: post-stroke patients, challenges, coping strategies


This study explored the challenges and coping strategies of post-stroke patients. Likewise, it analyzed the relevant conditions and experiences two weeks after the stroke diagnosis and subsequently sought rehabilitation through physical therapy. This study aims to identify the demographic profile of stroke patients, the challenges encountered by post-stroke patients, and the coping strategies for these challenges, and to suggest a program of care that would guide the post-stroke patients through their challenges and enhance their coping strategies. The study employed a qualitative approach. The researcher conducted a thematic analysis after placing the data in domains and constructing core ideas for each case. Various instruments, such as interview guides, focus group discussions, and observation, were used for data collection and triangulation. Moreover, this study used purposive sampling in selecting participants that would fit the criteria needed for the success of this research. The study locale is the VGP Physical Therapy Clinic, Pangasinan. Most post-stroke patients in this study have demonstrated immobility, hemiparesis, ataxic gait, and poor grip as their major physical challenges.  The challenges were addressed by attending physical therapy sessions and increasing their daily activities. They also expressed a feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, heightened emotional distress, sleep deprivation, and depression as their emotional challenges. Their coping behaviors include strong willpower and family involvement. Additionally, they stated that social isolation, communication barriers, and hopelessness are their psychosocial challenges in dealing with social engagement and family involvement. Lastly, the spiritual challenges that they have encountered are church withdrawal and lack of faith. However, they hurdled their spiritual challenges through intense devotion and family involvement.

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