Work-From-Home Set-up in an Autonomous University and Work Engagement of Non-teaching Personnel

  • Jingjing Zhang Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippines
  • Al Jannah A. Tamano Trinity University of Asia, Philippines
Keywords: Keywords: work from home, non-teaching personnel, work engagement


This descriptive quantitative research assessed the work-from-home set-up of an autonomous university in terms of autonomy, convenience, and safety, and work engagement in terms of physical, cognitive, and emotional engagement of the non-teaching personnel. A survey questionnaire was the main instrument in gathering the data used in answering the research problems and in testing the hypothesis.    A total of 81 employees were the respondents of the study.  They were chosen using a total enumeration-sampling method.  Thereafter, the raw data were encoded and statistically treated for analysis and interpretation.  The assessment of the employee-respondents was computed and quantified using the mean. Significant relationships between variables of work-from-home set-up and work-engagement were determined using Pearson r. Based on  the findings, the following conclusions are derived: Work-from-home setup  provides the non-teaching personnel the opportunity to carry out their daily jobs correctly/effectively and efficiently, therefore this option of working may work well for some employees but not for others dependent on their home environment; Employees feel more engaged with their work because working from home affords them autonomy, safety, and convenience during the COVID‐19 pandemic, and that this work engagement leads to happiness; There is a significant relationship between the variables of work from home set up and work engagement of employee-respondents of the university.

Author Biographies

Jingjing Zhang, Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippines

JINGJING  Zhang was born in China on February 7, 1994. She has been working as a CSR manager for  3 years, Branch Manager for 2 years in LF JOY REALTY Inc. Served as the  HR administration Manager of JOY ICE Cream Company for 1 year.  Ms. Zhang is an MBA graduate at Lyceum of the Philippines University and is currently  dissertation writing for her degree in Ph.D. Business Management also at LPU.

Al Jannah A. Tamano, Trinity University of Asia, Philippines

AL Jannah A. Tamano, MBA, was born in Santa Maria, Bulacan, on August 10 of 1998. She is currently an Administrative Secretary of Trinity University of Asia - St. Luke’s College of Nursing in Quezon City and has a part-time job at AXA Philippines Makati.

Ms. Tamano holds a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Public Administration. She also received her Master’s degree in Business Administration last June of 2022. At the age of 16, Ms. Tamano started her career as a student assistant at Trinity University of Asia – Finance Unit.

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