Health Care Practices in the Implementation of Safety Protocols

  • Laline Onia Salvador Urdaneta City University
Keywords: health care practices, safety protocol, inspection control, pandemics, screening


This study aimed to evaluate the level of healthcare practices in the implementation of safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic among nurses and tackle their problems while dealing with it. The descriptive method was used in this research to properly assess the nurse's compliance, fears, and situation at the hospitals through a questionnaire for data gathering. To effectively render quality care to COVID-19 patients and others, the hospital administration must hire more nursing staff who are equipped with knowledge and skills and who are willingly assigned to all areas of the hospital. They also need to procure more PPE and medical supplies to reduce transmission of infection. The nurses, regardless of their age and years of service, must continuously update their knowledge of health care practices and safety protocols for them to be qualified when they handle COVID-19 patients and other communicable diseases in the future. It is recommended that nurses undergo seminars or trainings such as infection control and prevention, screening, and triage to enrich their knowledge and skills in the care of patients during the pandemic and enhance their compliance to effectively handle COVID-19 patients.

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