Shaping the Environmental Education in School: Basis for Enhancing Extension Services to the Coastal Community

  • Virginia D. Natividad-Franco Bulacan State University, Philippines
  • Maybelle N. Dela Cruz Bulacan State University, Philipines
  • Ma. Abegail C. Carangan DepEd, City Schools Division of Malolos, Philippines
Keywords: environmental education, environmental awareness, waste management, pollution, water conservation, climate change


Environmental Education is a learning process that improves people's environmental understanding and awareness. It is linked to difficulties and the development of the requisite skills and ability to meet them. It attempts to empower people to address issues that affect their lives. The study aimed to determine the level of awareness of the stakeholders in a coastal school. The study utilized the concurrent-triangulation mixed-method design. The subject of the study is the stakeholders in a coastal school, composed of students, teachers, and parents. The study was done during the SY 2020-2021. The questionnaire was distributed in google forms via messenger, and a focus group discussion was done via Google Meet. The stakeholders' environmental awareness level in waste management (M = 4.02) implies that they are aware of the practices in segregating waste and adequately managing it. In terms of pollution (M = 3.93), the community is aware that pollution impacts human health is well-known among the stakeholders. Regarding water conservation (M = 3.89), it is discovered that they are aware of the dissemination of information on sea/river preservation. Lastly, in terms of climate change (M = 3.6), it is believed that time is allotted to give concrete examples and share experiences related to climate change. The stakeholders are aware of the projects in school regarding environmental education. The focus group discussion found that the neighborhood has a competent waste management system. However, their environmental experience has risen to several challenges and worries. As a result, training and seminars were advised to address the community's concerns.

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