Impediments of Family Caregivers Towards Post-Stroke Patients: Input for a Support Program

  • Mark Edward C. Liberato Institute of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Urdaneta City University, Philippines
Keywords: family caregivers, impediments, stroke, support program


The study investigated the impediments of stroke family caregivers after hospitalization and analyzed relevant conditions that circumscribe their experiences in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. The study also determined the following: the demographic profile of the family caregivers, the profile of the stroke patient (e.g., the type of stroke and complications they experienced), and the impediments of the family caregivers towards post-stroke patients. The study utilized the qualitative case study design. The study’s locale was Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital, Inc. San Vicente, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines. Overall, the study’s respondents were the recorded family caregivers of diagnosed stroke patients from the hospital from January 2020 to the present. It can be concluded that the respondents had cared for a post-stroke patient and mentioned various religions, but the majority were Roman Catholic. The majority of monthly family income is less than P11,690. Nuclear Family and Extended Family were mentioned as family structures. The majority of the patients are elderly men who have been in the hospital for less than three weeks. Pneumonia, paralysis, and bedsores are among the complications mentioned. The data gathered revealed several types of strokes, with infarct being the most common. The study examined the experiences of family caregivers, particularly their mental and physical health. In the category of Functional and Cognitive Impairment, family caregivers expressed a greater need for care. In the Care Decision Category, family caregivers experienced family and treatment decisions and end-of-life care planning. Also, in the Resources and Admissions of Services, all participants experienced difficulty in obtaining admissions for healthcare services such as physical therapy. Furthermore, in the category of Family Challenges, the participants experienced a lack of cooperation from care recipients, interpersonal conflicts, behavioral issues, and the balancing needs of family members. The study also concluded that financial strains are significant impediments in caring for post-stroke patients.

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