Job Satisfaction among DepEd Non-Teaching Personnel

  • Ely Benz C. Toreno Department of Education, Pangasinan Schools Division Office II, Philippines
Keywords: job satisfaction, job securities, development and training opportunities, remuneration, communication, work environment


The objective of this research is to investigate the job satisfaction among Department of Education non-teaching personnel and the factors that influence their job satisfaction. The current study focused on five thematic areas: job securities; development and training opportunities; remuneration; communication; and work environment. This research followed a descriptive design and utilized survey as its method. Four-point Likert’s scaling technique was computed to examine the five key measures of job satisfaction of non-teaching personnel. Data gathered were also compared in terms of offices in division office and offices in schools. The survey was conducted among non-teaching personnel in Department of Education Division of Pangasinan II. Results shows that the level of job satisfaction of non-teaching personnel is very satisfied with 3.38 weighted mean over 4. Contributing to these findings is the non-teaching personnel’s job satisfaction according to assigned department, employment position, salary, and years in the service as reflected with their responses. While the current study provided insights on the current level of job satisfaction of non-teaching personnel in terms of the five areas, further research is necessary to validate these findings.

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