Teachers’ Workload Policy: Its Impact on Philippine Public School Teachers

(Public Policy Analysis and Review)

  • Hilger Ojos Tarraya Department of Education, Philippines
Keywords: public school teachers, workloads, policy, review, analysis


Teachers’ workloads are common subjects of study. However, despite the pieces of literature and the endless calls for action, this remains among the prevailing issues in education. Hence, this paper aims to explore the policies further by gathering and analyzing the implications of workload policy and working hours of public school teachers, in the hope of producing a substantial view of the current impact of these policies on the field. Specifically, its (1) effectiveness, (2) efficiency, (3) economy, (4) equity, and (5) impact. The researcher’s purpose is not to generalize teachers’ views, competence, and performance but to review and analyze the prevailing issues and concerns evident in the existing literature and studies. The Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (SR/MA) was used to analyze the implications of workload policy and working hours of public school teachers. The primary sources of data are the policies, literature, and studies on teachers’ workloads, selected through purposive sampling. Thematic analysis using a deductive approach was used to qualitatively analyze the data. The findings revealed that heavy workloads influence teachers’ overall effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, these issues need to be addressed critically to augment the resources the government can provide to improve access and quality of education since education is vital in sustaining the Philippines’ economy. Based on the findings of this analysis, the following strategies and actions are suggested: policymakers shall have a comprehensive review and analysis of the policy; reduce workloads; improve the data management system; improve the staffing system; hire additional non-teaching personnel; quality teachers’ mentoring programs through professional learning communities (PLCs); programs of other government agencies implemented in schools must be facilitated by the concerned government office/agency, instead of fully delegating the implementation, monitoring, and reporting to teachers; and enhance teachers’ welfare programs.

Author Biography

Hilger Ojos Tarraya, Department of Education, Philippines

Hilger O. Tarraya, Head Teacher I designated as public secondary school head. Passionate and driven with a decade and a half of teaching and leadership experience. Deeply invested in learning management to assist teachers and students achieve their personal, professional, and academic successes. Directly involved in leadership and management, learning and development, management of resources, and research. Research interests include teacher leadership, organizational management, teaching practices, and learning development.

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