Leadership Styles of School Heads and Teachers’ Performance in Santa Maria District

  • Maribel Naungayan Galuardo Department of Education
Keywords: Leadership Style, Democratic, Authoritative, Delegative, Teachers’ Performance


The study aimed to investigate the leadership styles of school heads along democratic, authoritative, and delegative, and the level of teachers’ performance and their relationships. The researcher used descriptive-correlation research designs to describe the data and the significant relationships between the variables. Using a total enumeration, the respondents were the secondary school teachers of Sta. Maria District. The researcher used a 30-item survey questionnaire and documentary analysis to gather data. For statistical treatment, frequency distribution, mean, and Spearman rho were utilized. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: overall, most of the school heads highly manifested a democratic style of leadership. Furthermore, the respondents have an outstanding level of performance; however, the level of performance of the teachers is not affected by the school heads’ leadership styles. Based on the conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are hereby offered: school authorities may provide a program of activities that would capacitate the school heads' understanding of their leadership styles and how these leadership styles may influence the performance of the teachers, the learners, and the school. These activities may help them define their roles in performing their duties and responsibilities. Moreover, teachers may continuously attend seminars or training that will sustain their exceptional attributes, commitment, and dedication to the achievement of quality education. On the other hand, similar studies may be conducted using a bigger locale and adding variables to come up an adequate data as a basis for future research related to this subject.

Author Biography

Maribel Naungayan Galuardo, Department of Education

The author is a Head Teacher III at Santa Maria National High School. She is currently taking up Doctor of Education major in Educational Leadership at National Teachers College.

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