The Use of Images in Reading Comprehension

  • Sherrylynn Jennifer S. Carantes DepED-Magsaysay National High School, Philippines
  • Ryan Jayson V. Delos Reyes Urdaneta City University, Philippines


This study underpinned the authentic materials using images for reading comprehension. It sought to determine the proficiency level of the respondents in reading comprehension skills along with vocabulary, making inferences, sequencing events, and drawing conclusions and proficiency level of the respondents in the comprehension of advertisements, graphic organizers, graphs. The respondents are Grade VII students of Magsaysay National High School Baguio City, Philippines selected using purposive sampling. A multiple-choice test was utilized as the main instrument to support and further verify the information gathered. Findings revealed that student's proficiency level in reading comprehension skills is good; have very good results in comprehension of authentic materials such as images; least comprehension of news stories; and have a good comprehension of intervention materials.  Subsequently, respondents vary in their reading comprehension; instructional materials are very essential and an overall rating of good in reading comprehension skills. Hence, it is imperative to set goals for reading instruction, better reading comprehension using images. This study highly recommends that the language teacher must have diversified classroom activities using authentic materials and they should use images in teaching reading comprehension skills. The goal of images in reading instruction is effective for comprehension. Thus, the instructional tasks or activities should use images to be concerned with building comprehension strategies especially the use of print media and other sources of graphic materials. This study gives the concerned teachers to design better materials to teach reading comprehension more actively through the use of images as authentic materials that will allow meaningful interaction between the learners and the text.

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