Basic Education School Administrators’ Instructional Leadership Capabilities for Professional Development

  • Jover A. Gamata College of Teacher Education, Urdaneta City University
Keywords: basic education, school administrators, instructional leadership capabilities, professional development


This study determined the instructional leadership capabilities of the school administrators in basic education. Further, this study covered the four strands of National Competency-Based Standards for School Heads (NCBSSH). This also used a descriptive survey method. A descriptive survey attempts to establish the range and distribution of social characteristics, such as education or training, location, and to discover how these characteristics may be related to certain behavior patterns or attitudes. As a result, school administrators' instructional leadership capabilities were marked very capable which means that they continuously exposed themselves to different pieces of training to capacitate the reformation for a possible innovation to their schools. As regards the problem encountered on instructional leadership, it is described as moderately serious. In conclusion, school administrators had a multifarious task in the educative process and school management as they are primarily responsible for administering all aspects of a school’s operation. Among those roles, school administrators also provide opportunities to personal to continuous professional growth and assure flexible scheduling to provide student access at the time of instructional needs. They continuously support and encourage innovative strategies and the incorporation of new technology into teaching and learning activities. As recommended, the administrators are encouraged to use the proposed Capability Development Program entitled Capability Enhancement Training on Instructional Leadership of Public School Administrators. This also addressed the challenges met by the public school administrators.

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